Spring detox for the skin

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Spring detox for the skin

by Guest Blogger, Jane Balshaw of Euchlora


While the calendar says spring is almost here, we are still under a bit of snow here in the Northeast.  Nature has its own calendar ways, dumping snow & rain when it feels the need to eliminate, raising and lowering temperatures on a whim and tricking our senses into thinking we are all together in a different time and place.   It’s these sensory changes that regulate our skin.


Our bodies are a mirror of the world around us, with our internal waters ebbing and flowing in sync with the tides of the ocean, expanding and contracting with temperature, and our skin measures it all.  Loaded with sensory nerves like a mass of diodes, our skin registers and displays the information from our external environment (think windburn or suntan) but it also measures the information from our internal environment as well; what goes into our bodies and what our body manufactures itself.


“You are what you eat” is an old adage that would be more aptly stated as, “What you eat creates what you are” because food as fuel only stimulates the functions of our body to do what it should do, to release hormones that tell guide it.  In fact less than 20% of what we eat ever makes it outward to the skin but the hormones that food stimulate always make it there.  Chocolate does not cause acne (like the old school dermatologists used to claim) but the overindulgence of any stimulant will spike the adrenaline hormone which in turn can cause acne.


After a winter of cold temperatures our body has stored up composites of our food including all those not-so-good concentrates like chemical additives that mimimic misdirected hormones.  This storage of toxic waste in the body can contribute to toxic inter-cellular waste in the skin as well, triggering malformation of the cells which in turn creates early aging and breakouts.  So with spring and the warmer weather nearly here, it is time to think about deep cleansing and detoxifying the whole body to improve your skin.


The old-ways wisdom of “taking a tonic” in the spring was in fact true.  Drinking “juiced” blends of spring greens is detoxifying because nature knows to pack itself full of what we need this time of year.  Getting a lymphatic drainage or aromatherapy massage as well as chiropractic adjustments will aid the body in releasing waste.  And also getting a detoxifying facial will have amazing results; all of these practices working hand in hand are ‘tonics” for your skin.


I am a skincare specialist and make-up artist practicing for over 30 years with a holistic approach in caring for the skin and am now located in Portsmouth at Strawbery Banke.  My clients see me for reasons as simple as customized skincare products for home use, a custom-blended cosmetic color or for on-going help with problematic skin through consultation and facials.


This spring I am offering:



Awaken your skin from it’s winter slumber with this invigorating fizzy facial.  Your skin’s circulation will be tickled with effervescent herbal tonics and warm/cold massage will help to tone muscles & detoxify cellular waste built up through the slumber months.  The result is smoother, more colorful, deeply cleansed skin that is recharged for the warm weather to come. Includes a free-of-charge hand/arm fizz massage.

70 minutes $85.00


My daughter Whitney Bakaleinikoff is a certified Holistic Diet Counselor and she offers this detoxing juice blend recipe for us all this year.  Yum!

Blend the following ingredients in a high powered blender until you have a bright green sweet, zingy shake.


  • a handful of organic spinach
  • 1/2 peeled Meyer lemon, plus a bit of zest
  • 1/4 c. fresh pineapple
  • 1/4 c. pineapple juice or orange juice
  • 1/2″ fresh peeled ginger
  • sprinkle of cayenne
  • a small handful of chia or flax seeds
  • fresh water to cover the ingredients


These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, enzymes and essential fatty acids to reduce inflammation, enhance cellular respiration and aid in overall body detoxification. Great for spring allergies, sluggish digestion, joint/muscle pain and inflammation, immunity and overall increased vitality.

About Jane Balshaw:

Jane Balshaw of Euchlora

From stage and camera makeup artistry to skincare innovation and spa development, Jane is firmly established as a master aesthetician. When Jane developed the renowned California spa and skin remedy center Dom Ivana, which featured the full spectrum of her skincare and makeup creations, Departures Magazine called her “a skincare genius.” She sold Dom Ivana at its peak and now Jane is at it again. Euchlora is her newest creation, offering her passion and expertise in a scaled down setting perfect for inclusive, individualized care. Her Euchlora line of skincare, make-up and services bridges the gap between science and art, blending her dermaceutical knowledge with an innate understanding of fundamental aesthetic principles. This balance of function and form translates into the colour of beautiful skin.

Contact Jane:

Euchlora Custom Skincare and Color Cosmetics

454 Court Street, ste. 203 & 204

Strawbery Banke

Portsmouth, NH 03801




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