Home Remodeling That’s Good For The Environment

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Home Remodeling That’s Good For The Environment

by Guest Blogger, Nathan Johnson of Visions Kitchens

“It’s been a lot of learning and fun since the day we’ve started this company, it keeps getting better thanks to the people we keep working with. I love being able to do the good things that we do. Saving lots of waste from going to landfills, giving back to local non-profits, donating time and money to local groups making positive change in our communities. It’s great, I love it and am thankful that this is how I can live my life. I’m thankful I am able to always act and be a person I want my children to be. I couldn’t do that when I worked for other design center companies; it was all about get the money and move on.” – Nathan Johnson

 Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or are looking to reface your cabinets and counter tops, at Visions Kitchens you will receive exceptional design services and high-quality products.  We work with you to create your dream kitchen, bathroom, office, closet or any other room in your home that you always wanted, while keeping the ideas and concepts of green design at its core.

Your new kitchen will benefit from our knowledge of both new construction and remodeling, and we will engage you in our consultative design and selection process. We will assist you in considering all the finer points and details to meet your specific individual needs and desires providing a truly customized interior space that is designed and constructed specifically for you! You are sure to be delighted upon the completion of your project with Visions Kitchens.

With our wide range of stock and custom cabinetry experience, we jump into your design project feet first saving costly time. providing to you valuable knowledge, superior products, integrity and performance, Visions Kitchens is the right choice to deliver the quality and value that suits your discerning and distinctive style of living.

By utilizing Visions Kitchen and Design’s computer based design services, you can avoid costly design errors and mis-communication that can occur. 20/20 design software is incredibly accurate and flexible-allowing us to be as detailed as your design situation requires.

With a simple conversation to go over your notes, we’ll start drawing while you get back to your daily life. Rest assured knowing that we are constantly applying a critical eye to ensure proper fit and function of the cabinetry design, and will notify you of any potential issues we identify.

You will receive your completed drawings in a timely manner. Need it faster? We do everything possible to meet those tight last minute deadlines for design plans and revisions. We can get cabinets in as quickly as 2-3 business days or same day pick up at our off site location.

Green Specialties

At Visions Kitchens we believe that green means products that are good for the planet and safe for your home. To be good to the planet cabinets should be made of materials that are sustainable, renewable and/or recycled. The lumber should be legally harvested, legally exported and FSC Certified if applicable.  Lastly the cabinets/countertops should be manufactured with care to minimize waste and pollution.

Along with being good to our planet we think that your cabinets and countertops should to safe for your home and family. Chemicals like urea-formaldehyde are frequently used in products around the home including the plywood, particle board and glues used in most cabinetry. The finishes on most cabinets will off-gas volatile hydrocarbons into your home for a long time after the cabinets are installed. Green cabinets and counters contain no added urea-formaldehyde in the lumber or glues and the finishes contain no or very low VOC’s.

Green cabinets and counters are actually increasing being made with renewable and salvaged/recycled materials. Bamboo is becoming more and more popular as a cabinet choice for it’s obvious advantages – incredible strength and extraordinary renewability. Stranded bamboo makes a dramatic statement as when used in flooring, countertops or cabinets. Standard and carbonized bamboo are popular cabinet choices. Newer products like Dakota Burl, made from sunflower seed husks, and Kirei Board, made from sorghum stalks, use waste products to make beautiful materials for cabinetry. DuraPalm is another product that takes an agricultural waste product and turns it into a beautiful material for cabinetry.

Another exciting material is salvage lumber made from century old submerged logs and disassembled old farm buildings and factories. First growth lumber has an unmatched beauty with extraordinary grain. It’s the most beautiful “recycling” you”ll ever see.

LEED Design and Credits

LEED Credits have become an important consideration for many of today’s  building projects.  One of the things that some people don’t consider are the abundance of LEED credits that can be attained through your kitchen and Visions can certainly help you take full advantage of them.

What sets us a part from the other options?

* Offer products sourced from companies which practice sustainable harvesting

*  Specialize in low or no VOC products

* Personal attention to each customer

*  Experienced and professionally trained in design

* Products include bamboo and other sustainable woods

* Because they don’t have a traditional showroom, their business has much smaller carbon footprint and less waste

* Make use of reclaimed or recycled cabinet or countertop materials

* Design expertise utilized to achieve points towards LEED certification

* Donates and works with local non-profit groups and organizations


What People Are Saying About VK:

“When we were thinking about remodeling the kitchen in our 1930’s era home, it was our great, good fortune to meet Nathan Johnson. After a complimentary consultation in our barely functional kitchen, Nathan came up with an awesome and unique design. Although I love the range angled in a previously useless corner and the tons of storage the new design created, my favorite feature is the island with six drawers (including a dish drawer) and gleaming quartz top. Nathan recommended products that fit our needs and preferences without breaking the bank. I would heartily recommend Nathan to anyone with a challenging kitchen redo!”  -K Pearce


We would truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in person, learn more about your needs and wants, and more fully describe our services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today with any inquiries you may have. Sample drawings are available by request.

About Nathan Johnson – VP / Senior Designer:


Nathan has more than 8 years of experience in both residential and commercial design working with homeowners, architects and contractors.  He has a degree in Interior Design with a focus on sustainable design.  Nathan is also a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the Green Alliance and is on the committee for the U.S. Green Building Council, NH Chapter.  He is a member of the Black Thunder Singers a Native American Singing group (Native American Music Award winners), was in the movie “Crooked Arrows” and is Hunka Lakota. He and his wife Danielle are raising their two sons using Traditional Native values. Danielle operates her own business providing organizational assistance to corporations and businesses.

Vision Kitchens is located at 70 High St Hampton, NH 03842

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