Every New Parent’s Dream

Posted by in community on Nov 1, 2013

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Every New Parent’s Dream

In-Home Postpartum & Breastfeeding Support

by guest blogger, Krista Maltais of Koru Care

Imagine coming home with your newborn baby for the first time; the nursery is organized, the laundry is folded, lunch has been prepared for you, and best of all, someone is waiting to help you take care of your little one and answer any questions you may have. No, this is not a dream or a service reserved only for the rich and famous; Postpartum Doula care is a growing profession and available for any woman who wants it.

Postpartum Doulas care for the entire family as a unit; they provide education, companionship, and assistance with daily tasks so the family can focus on transitioning and adjusting into their new roles. They can also help parents achieve the confidence and skills needed through practical suggestions and competent demonstrations. The role of the Postpartum Doula changes every day in order to ensure the family’s needs are being met.


In addition, Postpartum Doulas provide personalized, long-term, breastfeeding education and assistance in the privacy of your home. They undergo thorough lactation education and training as part of their certification; they are able to educate parents about understanding milk production, newborn feeding cues and satiation, evaluate latch and breastfeeding experiences, as well as provide constant encouragement and support. Postpartum Doulas also guide partners to become actively educated and supportive of the breastfeeding mother as well as feel included in the feeding process through tips and suggestions. Many parents find that having a Postpartum Doula’s assistance helps ensure breastfeeding empowerment and success for their family.

New parents are dealing with a multitude of changes and demands during the first weeks and months of their baby’s life. Postpartum Doulas help ease and enrich families’ early parenting and breastfeeding experiences. After all, what parent doesn’t feel like they are living in a dream after having a nap, a long hot shower, a hearty meal, and the education, confidence, and skills to feed and raise their baby?

To find out more about the benefits of postpartum care and in-home breastfeeding support, visit: www.KoruCareDoula.com

About the Author: Krista Maltais graduated with a B.S. in Family Studies from the University of New Hampshire and has been an active Postpartum Doula for more than 7 years and Advanced Lactation Consultant for more than 4 years. It is her passion to assist families as they transition into life with their newborn. Her service area covers Southern Maine, Southeast New Hampshire, and North Shore Massachusetts.

Koru Care Postpartum Doula Services
Krista Maltais, PCD(DONA), ALC, B.S. Family Studies


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